Favorite Requests

You can save your favorite requests and use them when you need.

Add request to favorites

To open Add to Favorites dialog click button or press F3.

In the Add to Favorites dialog, customize the following options:

  • Name: Label for your request.
  • Group: You can group requests if necessary.
  • Level: Either share or not share favorite requests between projects.
  • Cluster: The favorite request will be available for the specified cluster connection or any cluster connection.
  • Perform request after opening: The request will be executed automatically after opening.
Add favorite request

Favorites tool window

The Favorites tool window let you manage your favorite requests. To open Favorites tool window press F2.

  • To open favorite request double-click the item from the list.
  • To delete favorite request click or press .
  • To edit favorite request click or press ⌘ ⏎.
Favorites tool window

Open favorite request

There are two ways to open favorite request:

  • Open by double-click the item in Favorites tool window.

  • Open from the context menu of items in the Elasticsearch tool window. There are only favorite requests associated with this cluster or any cluster.

    Open favorites from context menu