IntelliJ Elasticsearch is a GUI Client for Elasticsearch based on IntelliJ Platform. It is designed to query and manage Elasticsearch cluster. You can connect to a local cluster, to a server, or in the cloud. Supports all versions of Elasticsearch and OpenSearch.

Video introduction

To get a quick tour of basic IntelliJ Elasticsearch features, see the following introduction video (3 minutes).

First steps

These set of topics are focused on describing features, functionality, the application interface, and might help you to get started quickly.

Installation → Install the plugin in your IDE

Connection → Start working with Elasticsearch cluster by creating a connection to it.

Elasticsearch tool window → Browse your cluster details.

Console → Execute requests to Elasticsearch.

Response view → Browse response in JSON or Table view.

Searching Data → Search your data.

Editing Data → Manage Elasticsearch documents.

Feedback and Bug Reports → Create a bug report or feature request.